What Adopters Are Saying!

 "I couldn’t be happier with the two girls we were blessed with due to you guys! ( one being three legged) from start to finish our experience’s with your agency were nothing short of excellent. I always make sure to tell people about you guys if they mention they are looking! Thank you guys for doing what you do, and caring for dogs that may not have had that opportunity. ❤️"-Taylor P. (Adopted Olive & Penny"

"Everyone should adopt a pibbie from Daisy's!! Best decision ever made!" - Cari Fortin  (Adopted Diesel!

"Hi Melissa! O​tto and our dog Patton are getting along amazing and are best buddies. They play constantly and follow each other from room to room. So much fun! Amazing to see how gentle our big guy is with him. ❤ Thank you for the wonderful addition to our family! " Michelle L.



[email protected]

Dogs Under 3 years

​$350 - $400

Kittens up to 2 years 


Cats & Seniors

$50- $100

Dogs Over 3 years

$100- $275



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Pet Food Nutrition Consultation: cats & dogs all stages of life.

One on one with 

Melissa, you & your pet!


Reading Labels

Analyzing what is in the bag or can.


Cooking Class for Dogs 

Shopping & cooking healthy for your dog!




One on one with 

Melissa, you & your 




Half an hour. Will travel 30mins. A travel fee will apply.



No overnights will take care of plants and any pets. will travel 20mins from Sterling.


Every dog or cat that has become a member of DARL's rescue program has had a tough start in life. Neglect, abuse, abandonment or misunderstood.  It takes a caring person like yourself to make a difference!  When YOU adopt a pup or kit from DARL, you are making a difference! A warm home, food, TLC & a chance for these animals to live a good life!

 Every adoption fee goes directly back to the next animal in need of our teams help. We could not continue helping them without your contributions! If you can not adopt, please consider making a donation today! Or contact us and find out how you can join our team, sign up for educational classes, foster and volunteer! 

Adoption Process

Complete Adoption Application

Meet & Greet (animals & people)

Home Inspection

Adoption fee

Adoption Contract


We always need help with the following: 

Events & Fundraisers

Transport to and from vets

Assist with training

Social Media Promoting


Fostering an animal is amazing and saves lives! DARL  provides EVERYTHING for your foster pet. Training, food, medical care & supplies.  Application and home inspection is required! 

We Offer Winter Educational Classes & Workshop

Winter Educational Classes & Workshops start on January 2019!

 Sign up is always available, it's never too late! Each class is FREE upon sign up.  Limited space! All classes run 1 hour.

Our WEC & Workshops will help new and current foster families, volunteers and the public understand our foster program and volunteer programs. Foster families will learn how to care for foster pets, introduce pets to pets and pets to people and more! 

 Volunteers will learn how they can help our rescue and our foster pets by creating fundraisers, helping out at events and more! 

 We have a kids class  called 'the Dog Listener' educational material and DVD provided by the AKC.  This class is $15.00 and runs about 1  1/2 hours! Ask us about it today!

Workshops will include : Grooming dogs, training with one of our trainers, tour of a local shelter and much more!

Contact Melissa  [email protected] to learn more!