Daisy's Animal Rescue League was founded by local Animal Activist,Melissa Prescott, President of DARL, on October 12, 2012. DARL's mission is to help the pets and people of Massachusetts and now most states, by providing resources for training, education, and to care for those in need. By helping people find the right resources for their pet's needs, we hope to end the population of homeless, abused, neglected and forgotten animals. We are here to make a difference.

Melissa is a Certified Dog Trainer, Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR , also a Pet Food Specialists. 

Daisy : Strong, Loyal & dedicated to her people!

The name Daisy’s Animal Rescue League came from the first dog that Melissa had rescued in MA named Daisy. Daisy was a blue pit female from Watertown MA that was saved from a neglectful and suspect training for dogfighting situation. Melissa and her team worked with Daisy for 7 months to find her the right home. Eventually, they did.

In October 2014 Daisy passed away.