Become a Foster Parent!

If you are looking to foster a homeless animal, please EMail Melissa [email protected] for an application & requirements.


When filling out your application, please let us know if you would like to foster short term or long term.

Fostering Short Term: 2-3 weeks ; Usually animals recovering from spay/neutering 2 weeks, pups/kits until they are 12 weeks of age, or ‘settle in time’, decompressing, and observation before they go to their forever home.

Fostering Long Term: 1 month + ; Training, long term medical recovery (acl surgery etc.) .

DARL will provide supplies, medical costs, & training for all animals. We do appreciate any help that our fosters can give with medical fees, supplies or training fees while the animal is in foster care, but, we do not require this.

Together we can save lives!